My research is in combinatorial and geometric group theory. I am particularly interested in the following topics:

  • Dehn functions for mapping tori of right angled Artin groups
  • Quantification of residual solvability
    Topology seminar

    Refereed Journal Articles

    Discrete homotopy theory and critical values of metric spaces
    J. Conant, V. Curnutte, C. Jones, C. Plaut, K. Pueschel, M. Walpole, J. Wilkins
    Fundamenta Mathematicae 227 (2014), 97-128.

    Hydra group doubles are not residually finite
    K. Pueschel
    To appear in Groups, Complexity, Cryptology (2016)

    In preparation

    “Dehn functions for mapping tori of rank-3 right-angled Artin groups”
    K. Pueschel and T. Riley

    “Voluntary Assessment in a Calculus Classroom: Student and Instructor Perspectives”
    K. Pueschel and K. Williams


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