Graduate Research Assistantships

Prospective students interested in Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs) should contact Prof. Min Zou directly by email ( with the following information: Major(s), GPA(s), class ranking(s), TOEFL score (for applicants whose native language is not English), GRE score, resume, and a statement of purpose. Considerations will be given to students with M.S. or B.S degrees in Mechanical Engineering or Materials Science and will pursue Ph.D. degree in either Mechanical Engineering (MEEG) or Microelectronics-Photonics (MicroEP) Program at the University of Arkansas. Qualifications include having strong interest in scientific research, good academic standing, and excellent oral and written communication skills. Detailed information on the application requirements can be found from the MEEG website or the MicroEP website.

Postdoctoral Fellows

People interested in Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunities should contact Prof. Min Zou directly by email (

Honors Thesis/Undergraduate Research

Student Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF): Honors students planning to write honors thesis or complete a research project are eligible to apply for a Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF). Each student must have a faculty mentor and have a well developed proposal. Please contact Prof. Min Zou by email ( if you would like to be mentored on your SURF application.