I’ve been studying and writing about organizational issues since the late 1980s. My main interest has been in communication’s role in creating supportive workplaces. I started writing about environmental issues in the early 1990s but moved away from that topic until 2008. Check out the Academics:Research tab to see a complete list of my publications, consulting and teaching history. The Focal Work Tab identifies my environmentally-focused activities. My research interests merged in Strategic Communication for Sustainable Organizations: Theory and Practice. As climate change-related challenges grow individuals, organizations and governments must all swiftly and effectively work together. Can we? We must, but it’s going to require many of us to take a leadership role.


Hopefully, Strategic Communication readers will find the book’s content helps them understand how to better lead the way.

One of my early mentors suggested it’s important to live your values in as many areas of life as possible. Check out the My House tab. If you visit Fayetteville, I may be out hiking the beautiful Ozarks, sailing on Beaver Lake, or enjoying our Farmers Market. Or I may be out of town on a speaking / consulting engagement or speaking on behalf of the environment as a Climate Reality Leader. It’s our responsibility to use our intellect and communication skills to help protect the people, places, creatures and other things we love.