Entrepreneurs in Arkansas

A video series from Dr. Matthew Waller, Dean of the Sam M. Walton College of Business

Shannon Bedore: Sightline

Shannon Bedore, CEO and Founder of Sightline. I interviewed her about her business and entrepreneurship.

Clete Brewer: Blue in Green

An interview with Clete Brewer about Blue in Green, a water solutions company located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Clete is managing partner of New Road Capital.

Chris David: @YouNiverseRSO

Walton College student, Chris David, Founder and President of @YouNiverseRSO, a student organization focused on entrepreneurship.

Henry Ho: Field Agent

Henry Ho is Co-Founder of Field Agent. This Fayetteville based solution provides instant in-store visibility with an innovative business model. They have over a million crowd-sourced agents.

Michael Paladino: RevUnit

Walton College alumnus Michael Paladino is Co-Founder of RevUnit. They focus on employee facing technology and creating great experiences for employees through technology.

Blake Puryear: Engine

I interviewed Blake Puryear, product lead and head of strategy for the Engine e-commerce platform.

Dan Sanker: CaseStack

I interviewed Dan Sanker, CEO and founder of CaseStack. He has built a company that is agile, process focused, and entrepreneurial. Here is the video:

Dhu Thompson: Delta Plastics

I interviewed Dhu Thompson, an Arkansas entrepreneur who owns Delta Plastics, about his company and its business model. Sidenote: Professor Hyatt wrote an award winning case study about Delta Plastics.

Bill Underwood Interview

An interview with Bill Underwood, who founded Underwoods Fine Jewelers in Fayetteville in 1957. Underwood Interview Playlist: Experiences with Fay Jones Meeting Sam Walton Beginning the Underwood Legacy Growing Up and Working Hard The Mind of an Entrepreneur Early...

Sean Womack: SMACK

I interviewed Sean Womack, CEO & Founder of SMACK. Sean is an online media entrepreneur helping brands and consumers connect.

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