Jyotishka Datta

I was born in the beautiful city of Kolkata , India in the early 80’s (around the same time the Space Shuttle Discovery was taking its first flight into the orbit). After my schooling at Baranagore Ramakrishna Mission, I joined Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur, one of the most serene and magical places I have ever seen.

In 2003, I joined Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, where I received my B.Stat and M.Stat degrees. I spent the best years of my life at ISI and made a few wonderful friends. In 2009, I moved to Mumbai and joined Barcalys Bank, PLC where I worked as an analyst for the credit cards risk team. In August 2009, after one year of working at the bank, I decided to pursue a higher degree in Statistics / Machine Learning and found a position at Purdue.

I met my soulmate, Shalini when we were both studying for PhD at Purdue. We are now a family of three, complete with our little terrier Raja Maxwell Choudhury. You can follow Max on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jyotishkadatta/ and Max will surely follow you everywhere if you promise treats and cuddle.

We love road-trips, specially the long ones with a car full of books and CDs, and every year you will find us driving up and down the sinewy roads on the blue ridge parkway.

I am an aspiring author, I mostly write fictions, poems and screenplay/scripts for theater. If you can read Bengali, please visit my blog here and leave your comments. I am a jack of all trades and Iike to dabble in a bit of everything that I find interesting: I draw cartoons / caricatures, I can play a handful of old, slow songs on the guitar (fortunately not publicly!) and I turn to painting when I can’t draw any more words.

Most of these creations vanish as time goes, but a few remain to remind of me of the friendships and laughter that I miss. Here is a t-shirt artwork that I made for my friends at the Dave-Lab and in three days, they made an awesome board-game out of it !