Jyotishka  About Me

I am an Assistant Professor of Statistics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. Before joining UArk, I was a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Statistical Science at Duke University and SAMSI (Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute), working with Prof. David B. Dunson and Dr. Sandeep S. Dave. At SAMSI, I was a part of the “Beyond Bioinformatics” (2014-15) program.

 Research Interests

Bayesian Methodology and Theory, Shrinkage prior, Sparse signal recovery, Nonparametric Bayes, Computational aspects of big data analysis, Bioinformatics, Applied probability, default Bayes, next-gen sequencing studies.


My Google Scholar Profilehttp://bit.ly/1OTdd9h and my Github repohttps://github.com/DattaHub

Education and Past Employment

I graduated from Purdue University with a Ph.D. in Statistics in August, 2014, under the guidance of Prof. Jayanta K. Ghosh. My dissertation “Some Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Multiple Testing, Model Selection and Related Areas” is available here. I received my Bachelors and Masters degree in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute (2003-2008). Prior to joining Purdue University, I worked as an analyst in the credit risk team for Barclays Bank, PLC in Mumbai.

Awards and Honours

  1. Collaborative Research Grant from the Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Enhancement, University of Arkansas.
  2. Travel grant for attending IISA conference at Corvallis, Oregon, August 19-21, 2016.
  3. Travel grant for attending SRCOS Summer Research Conference 2016 , June 5-8, 2016. Bentonville, Arkansas.
  4. Honorable Mention Award for Best Theoretical Poster at the OBayes 2013 Meeting: The Tenth International Workshop on Objective Bayesian Statistics, December 15-19, Durham, Raleigh, USA. Link (p. 8)
  5. Travel grant for attending the O’Bayes 2013 Meeting: The Tenth International Workshop on Objective Bayesian Statistics, December 15-19, Durham, Raleigh, USA.
  6. William J. Studden Publication Award for an outstanding publication in a mathematical statistics journal, 2013, Department of Statistics, Purdue University.


  1. SAMSI Postdoctoral Profile by Jamie Nunnelly.
  2. Mathematical Genealogy Project
  3. SAMSI Beyond Bioinformatics Program
  4. SAMSI undergraduate modelling workshop led by SAMSI postdocs (also check out the SAMSI blog at samsiatrtp.wordpress.com)

Statistical Consulting

I plan to offer consulting help with analyzing data to students and faculty members across the university and anyone who needs guidance with their data analysis, as long as I feel I have the expertise/interest for the project and time. Please drop me a line if you have any questions about your data analysis or need help with your Statistical software. The service is completely free.

Part of the reason for this is my time spent as a Statistical Consultant for the Department of Statistics at Purdue University from Fall 2011 till Fall 2014. Statistical Consulting Service is an excellent way to get help with the design of experiment, data analysis, or writing a coherent report at any part of a project. To know more about the program please visit the Purdue Stat SCS website below.


  1. Department of Mathematical Sciences, 219 SCEN, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. AR 72701.
  2. Email: jd033 AT uark DOT edu

Here are some useful links

  1. Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI)
  2. Department of Statistical Science, Duke University .
  3. Department of Statistics, Purdue University.
  4. Statistical Consulting Services, Purdue University .
  5. Indian Statistical Institute.