January 2020              Dr. Greenlee is featured on Finding NWA’s website.

April-May 2019         Welcome to new PhD students Arash Emdadi, Amir Akbari, and Zahra

                                     Anari.  Also, we are excited to have Geletu Qing and Francis Osonga join the group as      

                                     postdoctoral researchers.

January, 2019            Welcome Ruhi Sultana to the group as a Ph.D. student!

October, 2018            Dr. Greenlee joins the Chancellor’s Commission on Women. Spring 2019 Lecture with

                                       invited speaker Prof. Yolanda Flores Niemann, see expertise here.

October, 2018             We are excited to be starting a new project funded by AFRI and the Water for                                           Food Production program. Local press here.


September, 2018         Welcome new graduate students Emma Koch and Berent Ostervold to the group.


June, 2018                      Welcome Suzana Ivandic back to the lab as a Ph.D. student!


June, 2018                      Congratulations to Ph.D. student Moji Abolhassani for being awarded a research                                                    internship with our industry partner AxNano, LLC. Moji will be spending Fall 2018 at                                              AxNano working on our joint project.


May, 2018                     Congratulations to UA Honors students Suzana Ivandic and James Burrow for                                                          successfully completing and defending their undergraduate honors theses. James will                                            be starting his Ph.D.  at the University of Texas at Austin in Fall of 2018 and Suzana                                                will be joining Dr. Greenlee’s group as a Ph.D. student in Summer of 2018.


February, 2018            The Greenlee Research Lab welcomes new Ph.D. student Fareed Attarzadeh to the                                                group. Welcome Fareed!


January, 2018              Ms. Yukiko Moriizumi, visiting researcher from Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan, arrives                                              for her one-year fellowship in the Greenlee Research Lab. Welcome Yukiko!


December, 2017         Congratulations to Ms. Shelby Foster for completing her M.S. in Chemical                                                                  Engineering.


November, 2017         Congratulations to Ms. Suzana Ivandic for her poster award at the American Institute                                            of Chemical Engineers national meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


November, 2017         Congratulations to Mr. Moji Abolhassani for successfully passing his Ph.D. proposal                                                defense.


September, 2017        The Greenlee Research Lab welcomes new Ph.D. student Solomon Isu to the group.                                              Welcome Solomon!


January, 2017              The Greenlee Research Lab welcomes new Ph.D. student David Suttmiller to the                                                      group. Welcome David!


September, 2016        The Greenlee Research Lab welcomes new Ph.D. student Sergio Perez to the group.                                              Welcome Sergio!


January, 2016              The Greenlee Research Lab is officially started at the University of Arkansas. A big                                                  welcome to starting Ph.D. students Shelby Foster, Moji Abolhassani, and Prashant                                                  Acharya. Let’s go!