I am Geoboo Song, an associate professor of political science and public policy at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. My academic career has been involved in scholarly research that has both theoretical and practical implications for advancing public policy studies. My general research interests lie in the systemic explanation of the variations in individuals’ perceptions of policy problems, their policy preferences and their behaviors under certain policy arrangements within highly contentious and controversial domains. Specifically, I have been intrigued by the ontological and epistemological nature of various risks, the different ways individual members of society interpret and perceive risks, and the related impact on society in general and certain individuals and groups in particular. My previous works have been published in highly regarded journals in the field of my aforementioned research interest, such as Policy Studies Journal(PSJ), Risk AnalysisPolitical Psychology, Energy Policy, and Social Science Quarterly(SSQ), to list a few. In addition, through collaborative policy research for public and non-profit entities, including the US Department of Energy, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs, the Northwest Arkansas Council, and the City of Fayetteville (AR), I have had extensive involvement in applied research projects in a wide range of policy issues, including childhood vaccination, global climate change, nuclear energy, environmental regulations, and juvenile delinquency. I regularly teach graduate courses in politics of risk, research methods and applied statistics, and David Weimer-style policy analysis.


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