Adaptive Engineered Systems are system which respond to adverse events through mechanisms of recovery and repurposing to provide resilient value to its users. To achieve the goals of sustainable and safe systems for the 21st century, we must understand the science of how to design these systems.

The Complex Adaptive Engineered Systems Research (CAESR) Laboratory is focused on developing theories, methods and tools for the design and analysis of adaptive systems. Research in our lab seeks to address specific scientific questions such as:

  • How to characterize, quantify, and implement the emergent system property of adaptability
  • How to experimentally validate tools for analysis and simulation of complex system designs
  • How to develop diagnostic and adaptive system health management strategies and technologies
  • How to train engineers to design and operate adaptive systems

Platforms where we have demonstrated these concepts include mobile and stationary robotics, wind energy turbines, and additive manufacturing technologies.