The Team

Ph.D. student: Colby Reavis

Group alumni:

Research associate, 2015:
Faye Smith

REU students, Summer 2015:
Tyler Fletcher and Dustyn Perkins
REU students

Ph.D. student: Matt Roby


I am recruiting new team members at several levels.  If you are interested in a post-doctoral research or Ph.D. position, there are job announcements to read and consider.  If you are interested in a masters thesis or research experience as an undergraduate, please get in touch with a description of your interests. If you are an established researcher from abroad and want a host in the US, let me know that too. Self-funded Ph.D. students (e.g., with an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship) will be considered at any time. Students without self-funding would be expected to apply for such fellowships.

Post-doc research position description [no funds currently; self-funded applicants may be considered]

Ph.D. student position description

M.S. applicants can send a CV, GRE scores, transcript, and letter of interest at any time.