The Landscape Flux Group

This group, led by Benjamin Runkle, is housed at the University of Arkansas in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering.

Office: ENGR 231
Phone: xx5-2878

We research connections between the carbon and water cycles in agricultural and wetland environments. This field-based research involves long-term measurements of key environmental fluxes (e.g., evapotranspiration, surface water flows, carbon dioxide and methane emissions from the landscape to the atmosphere). This research also provides the basis for process studies and computer modeling approaches to environmental systems.

Research projects will be based in rice agriculture in Arkansas and may follow past work in low-lying permafrost tundra wetlands in the Arctic. Projects use flux budgeting methods to understand the landscape’s ecological and hydrological functioning. This research will connect between site dynamics and climate drivers with the goal of feeding simplified process representations used at the scale of the global climate model.

A news article from the University of Arkansas about my research interests is here. And a news release about NRCS funding is here. A profile “Reducing Rice’s Carbon Footprint” is linked below; I also discuss these ideas in a podcast:

Reducing Rice’s Carbon Footprint