The addition to Divi within the WordPress platform allows web creators to access a whole new set of tools for their sites. What you may have not realized is Divi comes with a few “hidden” or lesser known capabilities. One of these functions is called the “Divi Switch.” Located in the ‘Divi’ dropdown menu of your WordPress dashboard, the switch allows for even further customization to cosmetic areas of your site.

There are five main areas within the Divi Switch: Header, Footer, Main Content, Transitions & Filters and Mobile. For instance, web managers can visit the “Header” section of the Divi Switch to enable features like hiding the website logo before scroll. If users visit the “Mobile” section of the Divi Switch, turning off the traditional hamburger icon for mobile menus is also an option. 

The Divi Switch is an all-around backend treasure trove for the nerdy designers. Some of the Divi Switch features while exciting can also improve your visitor’s overall experience on your site. Features like a pre-designed scroll wheel can load all of your site content helping to decrease lag time. This feature works well if you are loading a ton of content and want it all to display at once. (The scroll wheel can be found within the “Main Content” section of the Divi Switch). 

While the Divi Switch may not appeal to all WordPress users, it is a great tool to make use of if you want to give your website added flair without much of a designers background. 

Helpful Hint: We recommend that you refrain from activating all of the “Transition and Filter” options all at once.