What is the Difference between a Page and a Post?

When creating a new site, publishing content can be daunting. Creating and determining content is a beast in itself (but that’s for another blog post). The publishing should be easy, right? You have the information for your site – now what? Where does it go? What will it look like to other users?

Your content can go in one of two places on WordPress: in a page or in a post.

What’s the difference and which one do you use?

A Post

Basically, a post is exactly what it sounds like; it’s an interactive update. A post is meant to interact with your audience by keeping them up to date with you/your organization. Here are some key aspects of a post:

  • Similar to an update, a Facebook post or tweet
  • Timely, current, often shared, and encourages conversation
  • Interactive with users
  • Relational and current
  • Visible author
  • Organized by publishing date
  • Can be linked by categories or tags
  • Sortable by author
  • RSS feed delivered
  • Not found in menus

A Page

A page is the platform for posts. It’s similar to posting on your Facebook page; when you click on your page, all your posts are visible. The page itself is more static than the posts and contains more permanent, timeless information. Here are some key aspects of a page:

  • Similar to a profile or “About Me” page
  • Static, timeless, and consistent
  • Comments are off by default
  • Hidden publication date
  • Hidden author
  • RSS feed not delivered
  • Found in menus

In conclusion, posts are interactive updates that are posted on a page. A page is static information – like a home page or an about me page. When deciding which one you should use to post your content, consider what you want your audience to see.

If it is timeless and integral information to your site and you or your organization, the content should be a page. Your site audience will be able to easily access the page from the menu at all times.

If the content is timely and not foundational to your site, it should be a post. Your site audience will be able click on a page to see all your posts.


Happy publishing!