Re: Quest for WordPress

Do I need a WordPress Site?

WordPress at the University of Arkansas offers tons of enticing features: templates customized for university use, user-friendly themes, security, and of course, technical support. But the University also offers many other excellent platforms for your content such as BlackBoard, OmniUpdate, and SharePoint. So, with this in mind, how do you know if WordPress is the right platform for your use?

The answer is based on what the purpose and who the audience of your site will be.

There are three main uses for WordPress at the University of Arkansas—personal, RSOs, or registered student organizations, and faculty labs.

Personal Sites

Personal sites are for individuals. They can be used to network and create a web presence for yourself, to chronicle your personal experiences, or to showcase your individual work. Even in the most basic, single profile page, you can customize your site to let your personality shine through—and that can be great for catching the attention of potential employers or clients!


Student Organizations

RSO sites are for registered student organizations. If you are a member of an RSO, WordPress can help you reach out to potential members who might share your interests and want to join your cause. It also can showcase to interesting events and information that your organization provides, or even promote discussion between members.


Community and Recruitment

Labs or even web publications can be showcased on WordPress as well. Your research is important, and having a well-designed site can help media and community outreach. However, students should never have to go to WordPress to see graduation requirements, or other academic information. Purely academic information does not belong on WordPress

Promote your research lab and recruit students.

If you’re site does not fall into these three categories, it may be better suited for another content management platform, such as BlackBoard, OmniUpdate, or SharePoint. Any site that is strongly connected to a department probably would do best in OmniUpdate, just as classroom assignments belong in BlackBoard. If you are not sure where your site belongs, please feel free to contact us, and we will advise.

In conclusion

In order to decide if WordPress is right for you, you must think of your purpose. Is it to foster community, encourage recruitment, or showcase personal work? If so, WordPress is the right content management platform for you.