How to Adjust Footer Widgets

If you’ve been using the visual editor to update your site content, you may have noticed that you cannot directly edit your footer content through the editor. That’s because this area is controlled by widgets, not by text modules. But that doesn’t mean adjusting your footer needs to be complicated. Follow these steps to assign content, customize your layout, style the text, and customize footer menus.

Assign Content

Navigate to the theme customizer. You can find this in the dashboard under “Appearance” or on the front end by hovering over your site title on the top horizontal menu bar.

Select “Widgets.” Footer areas 1-4 will appear by default on your footer. Click on the area where you would like to add content and select a widget. Options for widgets include text, custom html, calendars of posts, google search, and many more.

Layout and Style

In the theme customizer, select Footer. Here you can customize layout, alter the background color of the footer area and style the text, and remove the social media icons.

Under layout, you can choose between one and four columns to display. You can also select from a few different column ratios here. In the same menu display you also have the option to input a custom footer color.

Under “Widgets” you can change the header, link, and body text size and colors.

Under footer elements you can hide or display social media icons on the bottom footer bar.


I hope this brief tutorial was useful in setting up your site’s footer! If you have any questions, or would like to request any further tutorials, leave a comment below!