How to Write Great Web Content

Writing for the web is different than writing for print because people read differently on the web. Most people scan websites, trying to find information quickly and easily.

But that doesn’t mean that you need to be a professional to write great content. The most important part is really the same as any other type of writing: know your audience. Below are a few simple tips to make your web content shine while keeping the user in mind.

1. Make your site information rich

Most users come to your site looking for answers to specific questions. Consider your audience: who are they and what information are they most likely looking for? Try to anticipate some of their questions and interests and include that information in the site.

2. Use familiar language

Using jargon and big words can confuse or discourage your audience. Keep to familiar words and straightforward syntax. Avoid passive voice whenever possible.

3. Identify your user’s top tasks

What are the top tasks your users want to accomplish on your site? This is key for organization. The most important items for the user should be easy to access. Consider making unique pages for specific topics and adding them to the main navigation.

4. Chunk your information

Avoid user fatigue by breaking your content into short, manageable paragraphs, separated by white space. Use headings and subheading to make it easy for reader to find the information they need quickly.

5. Front load your content

The inverted pyramid model is a proven strategy for web content. When writing content, put the most important information or summary at the beginning of the text, then deliver your supporting details.

6. Use visuals to communicate content

Visuals can mean more than images, diagrams, and videos. It can be as simple as a bulleted or numbered list, or breaking up an article with white space. But remember, visuals should make reading your content easier, so avoid clutter and use visuals strategically.

7. Maintain your site

Your content is valuable to you and your users, so maintain it! Update it regularly, adding new content and proofreading it often.

In Conclusion

Writing web content can be relatively straightforward. Just remember treat your users like guests, offering them the resources that they need. Keep your site simple and clear, and users will respond.