Creating Pricing Tables

Pricing tables are a great way to quickly and effectively compare pries of items on your site. You may want your viewers to see how much you would charge for certain services/ products; the options are limitless. Creating the tables are very easy through Divi’s module. 

Step by Step
1. Insert the Divi module called Pricing Tables. 
2. Once you’ve clicked Pricing Tables, click “Add New Pricing Table”. You’ll then be directed to a page where you’ll enter the Title for your item/service you want to compare. Add a subtitle, something short that draws the users attention. On this page you’ll see a place for currency, price, an option for a link, and color of background. Additionally, there is a content section where you add what features this pricing table will include/ exclude. 
3. In the selected Pricing Table, click the tab that says “Design”. Here is where you’ll start customizing your table. In Layout, there is an option to “Make This Table Featured”, meaning it will raise the table higher than the others to highlight its importance. The rest of the sections are self explanatory.  By clicking the drop down button there are many types customization per section.  
After you’re done with the first Pricing Table section, you can add as many as you want by repeating steps 2 and 3 . Once you’re done, click the green check button. It’s as easy as that!