How to Create a Contact Form


To begin creating a contact form you will go to your site page and create a new page as shown in the image bellow.

Step 2:

Press on the icon “use the Divi Builder”

Step 3:

Next, press “Insert Column(s)”

Step 4:

You can select which ever on you want. In this example I choose the 1st option (1 column).

Step 5:

Now Press on the “Insert Module” icon

Step 6:

Select the “contact form” module

Step 7:

At this point you can either “Save & Exit” or you can keep editing this way

Step 8:

Another method is to use Visual Builder when editing the module, you are able to see my changes live.

Step 9:

Once you’ve press “use visual builder” your site page will appear in edit mode as shown in the orange circle. Once you complete all your modification simply press “exit visual builder”

To make changes to your module press the module settings icon. 

Step 10:

To make further edits to your module such the button, animation or filters press “design”

Once you are pleased with your module press the save changes icon indicates bellow in red.

Step 11:

Once your contact form has been designed to your liking, you’ll need to create the layout for the Email that’s sent from the user’s submission.

From the Content tab, scroll down to Email.  Here, you can set the email address where the submission details will go.  Stock, it goes to the site admin.  Not just an administrator but The Admin that is listed in the Site settings.  The next option in this section is Message Pattern.  For our example, you’ll need to replicate something similar to what’s shown below.  The default is strongly suggested against.  If you’ve added more Fields, those will need to be formatted is a similar fashion.

All done! Remember to add in all your creativity when creating your modules!

Hope this explanation was help but if you need any further help please feel free to contact us at