How Often Should I Post Content?

When maintaining a website, especially a blog, a common concern is how often you should update your content. How much is enough? Is there any benefit to updating your website on a regular basis?

Google Loves Updates

Google has made it clear that websites that are updated frequently are more likely to gain a higher ranking in their search results. According to Google, sites that are update every 2-3 days are considered “frequently updated.” This doesn’t always mean creating a new page or post, but includes making updates to existing areas of your website. Not only will your readers benefit from the most up to date information possible, but you may benefit in your Google search rankings simply by modifying any out of date information on your website on a regular basis.

While updating information is a great start, it is important to consider that adding new content gives you more opportunities to incorporate important keywords into your website. Each new post or page provides new space to reach your target demographic. Be sure to incorporate your most valued keywords into each post or page. Adding new content with the proper keywords makes it more likely your target viewers will find you, as well as making it more likely your ranking increases in Google search results.

Subscribers Love Updates

Another important thing to note is that subscribers also love consistent updates. One great way to provide that consistency is to begin with a content update schedule. Commit to providing updates on a set schedule and then stick to that schedule. Give your readers a reason to come back to your site on a regular basis. Content is, and always will be, king. Consider what your audience is most interested in learning about. Your content, as well as your design, should be molded around your target audience.


“Content is, and always will be, king.”

Keep your content short and simple. Give your readers information that is easy to digest and put into practice. If you find the contents of a post a bit too long, that is a great opportunity to split the content into a series of  2 or 3 related posts. Again, adding to your opportunities for more pages indexed by Google.


Update When You Can

It all boils down to this: update your website as often as you can. It’s unlikely that you will add content to your website in a way that is viewed by your readers as being too frequent. The Huffington Post publishes over 1000 articles per day, but 2-3 times per week is probably more than sufficient to achieve the kind of readership you are seeking to gain.