Learning How to Learn

Learning How to Learn Keeping up with updates Technology is constantly changing. Programming languages change, content management services change, and it can often feel overwhelming. Even within WordPress, new updates can change the way your site might work. Because...

WordPress Christmas Giveaway

WordPress Christmas Giveaway “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” For your sake, the WordPress team isn’t going to sing to you (you should hear some members of the team sing). But! In celebration of the Christmas...

How WordPress Progress Sites Work

WordPress Progress WordPress Progress This page was created to facilitate communication between the WordPress team and their clients where they can see the progress of their requests that can be created on IT Services Websites. For any WordPress requests, you should...

Exciting Upgrade for Your UARK WordPress Site

An exciting new upgrade is coming for WordPress users at the University of Arkansas. On Saturday, September 30, personal WordPress sites will be migrated from on-campus hosting to cloud hosting with CampusPress, a national leader in higher education web hosting. 

So You Want a WordPress Site?

WordPress at the University of Arkansas offers tons of enticing features: templates customized for university use, user-friendly themes, security, and of course, technical support. But the University also offers many other excellent platforms for your content such as BlackBoard, OmniUpdate, and SharePoint. Find out which is right for your needs.