What are EM and REM?

What are EM and REM? There are a lot of different displays that your site might show up on. From Desktops, tablets, Phones, and more there is no telling where or how your site will be displayed. If you care about your site and how it looks (you should), then you will...

How to Adjust Footer Widgets

How to Adjust Footer Widgets If you’ve been using the visual editor to update your site content, you may have noticed that you cannot directly edit your footer content through the editor. That’s because this area is controlled by widgets, not by text modules. But that...

Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

Making Your Website Mobile Friendly Chances are, most of your website design and content development processes happen on your laptop or desktop computer. However, most of your viewers will be interacting with your content on a mobile device, so it’s super important...

Heads Up! Your Site Might Be Illegal

You are probably thinking that there is no way your site could be illegal…unless great content is against the law. 😉 Ok, sorry, I had to fit that in there. Anyway, when you create a site, you are probably thinking about user accessibility. How will the user navigate my pages? Is this text easy to read? Will this be mobile-friendly? But how often do you think about those who have a disability accessing your page?

How to Increase Site Traffic

Building a site and creating content is hard work. After that, it should be smooth sailing, right? The short answer is yes; the more complicated answer is not at first. If you want more people to view your site, it may take time to get your content out there, but the payoff is worth it. Here are three quick tips for increasing your site traffic.