8 Common Website Mistakes and How to Avoid them

8 Common Website Mistakes (And How to Avoid them) 1. Hard to Read Text It sounds obvious that being able to read content is the most important aspect of design on any website. But it’s surprisingly easy to make this common design error, for multiple reasons. With so...

4 Design Trends to Modernize Your Site

Just like clothing and car styles, websites styles are constantly changing. If your site was created any time from 2 to 15 years ago, the change may be happening more rapidly than you ever expected. But just like the mullet you rocked in kindergarten, your website may need some major updating if you want to be taken seriously.

So You Want a WordPress Site?

WordPress at the University of Arkansas offers tons of enticing features: templates customized for university use, user-friendly themes, security, and of course, technical support. But the University also offers many other excellent platforms for your content such as BlackBoard, OmniUpdate, and SharePoint. Find out which is right for your needs.