Adjusting Site Menus

Adding items to your menu in WordPress may not seem apparent right away, but is actually quite straightforward. Follow the steps below to easily update your site’s menu.

*Note: If you plan to add a page or post to the site menu, go ahead and create that content first.

1.  Navigate to the Dashboard, then to Appearance, then Menu.

2.  Near the top of the page, select the menu that you would like to edit. If you want to edit the main menu on the site, this will have a note in parenthesis that says “Primary Menu”. If you would like to change the menu in the bottom footer, that will likely already be labeled “Footer Widget.”

3.  If you would like to edit existing menu items, simply click the menu item to expand. Here you can re-label the menu item or delete it altogether. If you would like to change the order or nest the menu items, drag and drop to the appropriate positions.

4.   To add items to the menu, select them on the left hand of the screen. You can choose to add pages, posts, locations, events, custom links, or categories. Make you selection and click “Add to menu”

5.   Last, be sure to select “Save menu” to save your changes.

That’s it! Your menu will now appear as you have arranged it. If you have further questions or comments, please let us know below.