Spring 2019 – Final Projects

Ambient Intelligence

Emotional Context From Online Reading — Joseph Sirrianni
Eye tracking as input to sentiment analysis for detecting evoked emotions.
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Permissioned IoT Cloud — Sarah Colpitts, Jameson “River” Gillis
User defined permissions for IoT devices sharing information
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Facial Recommendation Recommender – Spencer Ward
Deep Learning Object Detection – Kyle Bell
Ambient Financial Display – Zane Turner

Smart Infrastructure

Home Ambient Display — Zhizhan “John” Chen, Jiamin Lin, Benedit “Benny” Molina
Differential permissions and context-based displays for home hubs
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Project Minimap  — Erica Graham, Aaron Ork, Sam Yeager
On-demand population heatmaps of popular campus locales through passive Wi-Fi packet sensing
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Differential Speaker Volume – Tyler Snyder
Indoor Localization – David Darling
Poultry House Monitor – Enrique Sanchez

Smart Things

Intelligent Car — Michael Fahr Jr., Evan Owen, Ian Spatz
Retrofit non-smart vehicles to provide rules-based shifting and blind-spot detection through ambient user interfaces and sensing.
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Magic Mirror+ — Adam Ferrier, Erica Mason, Matthew Ward
Translucent mirror with proximity-aware activation for a daily glanceable information display
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Ro-Bartender — Jesse Coleman, Olivia Degner, Daniel Perez
Configurable automatic beverage dispenser to mix multi-ingredient cocktails.
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Smart Lock – William “Brett” Hustead
Virtual Assistant TV Controller – Omar Alhajri, Yvan Gihoza, Suhail Ba Salama
Smart Access Door System – Griffin Boris, Logan Jordon


40Hz Entrainment Therapy — Jonathon Raney
Context-aware insertion of 40 Hz sound frequency into existing audio streams. Provide potential benefit to Alzheimer’s Disease prevention.
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Sleep Quality Monitor — Haoyan Liu
Low-power capacitive pressure monitor array to detect sleep posture and respiration, combined with environmental sensors to maximally support sleep.
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Accuracy Armband – Abby Norris, Charles Rose, Michael Wolljung
Simplified Hearing Aide – Trevor Weihrauch
XBox Adaptive Controller – Spencer Erdman